Do You Really Need A Website? Some People Don’t Think So

Not everyone feels the need for setting up a website. They feel that there is still potential left in the conventional marketing and promotional techniques and that there is a long way to go before their clients start searching for them or their products online.

But the truth is that in almost every field, clients and constantly making comparisons and searching for cheaper and innovative offers from competitors, which they can search out online. Just to stay in the business and keep your offline services afloat, it is important to have a website.

This article lists out how and why visitors want you to have a website.

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Things That You Cannot Host With Your Web Hosting Provider

Hosting your website seems pretty easy. Sometimes you may unknowingly or knowingly be hosting content which is violative of your contract with the hosting company.

This means that your account maybe suspended or terminated and you may also be liable for prosecution under the law, if the content is illegal.

This article deals with certain things that you just should not be hosting with your web hosting provider.

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Simple WordPress Plugins For Security

Most web hosting providers setup elaborate security measures to ensure that WordPress websites are given utmost security so that they don’t become a tool or a target for attackers. Web Application Firewalls, SPI Firewalls, Malware scanners and many other restrictions are applied to servers to ensure that WordPress doesn’t become a cause of concern for online security. Despite this, many website owners prefer to control their own security and install tools and plugins to work with WordPress and enhance the security.

Some popular plugins which help WordPress website become more secure are pretty simple plugins with simple functionality. There are many more comprehensive security plugins which offer all round protection for your website, but some people just prefer the piece-meal options. This article does not deal with comprehensive firewall systems for WordPress. This article aims to highlight some small but powerful tools to keep your WordPress website secure.

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Do I Need Cron Jobs In My Web Hosting Account?

Day by day, things are becoming more automated and computers are helping us schedule our routine tasks so that we can put our minds to something more useful. Since timing is critical, we need to ensure that our tasks are done when and how needed, without having to intervene.

In an eCommerce business, whether the webmaster is asleep or on vacation, the website is up and live. What keeps all of this ticking?

How are invoices, reminders, alerts, reports and automated tasks processed? This article takes you into the world of the Cron Job which is a tool to schedule your daily web hosting tasks on a Linux server.

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How Easy Is It To Add SSL To Your Website?

With Google search ranking using SSL as a key marker to boost website search results, SSL certificates have got a boost.

Most website owners want to buy an SSL certificate and are actively promoting their websites as secure.

The remaining lot of webmasters are apprehensive about installing SSL because they are unsure about the cost and how to make the change.

This article explains how you can easily add and SSL certificate to your website if you plan well.

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