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7 Tips On Creating Content To Drive Traffic

Unless you’re a celebrity you’re not going to be able to create a website and leave it to generate traffic. You’re going to need to create content to drive traffic to your site. Your main goal is to generate leads, make sales, and earn profits. It’ll take a bit of work, but over time traffic will increase to your site.

Here are 6 tips to help you create content, so traffic is driven to your site.

1. Update your blog. In the beginning, many people focus on one blog a day, and then when they have built up their readership, they’ll blog three times a week. This keeps your site fresh in the minds of your followers.

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Mythbuster: Will A New TLD Boost Search Engine Rankings? Not Really

We all have been watching new domain name TLDs become more visible and more accepted around the world.

However, one question which always troubled owners of the standard .com or .net websites is whether the new TLDs will edge out their conventional names and give a preference in Search Engine rankings to the new players?

This article deals with why it wont make a difference which domain name TLD you have registered for your website.

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The Changing Face Of Search Engine Optimization

Throughout the history of business and industry, certain names have become synonymous with the product we represent. People ask for a Kleenex when they want a tissue, we used to Xerox documents and not photocopy them, and in certain parts of the country, they do not call it soda, they call it Coke, even if they are not asking for a cola.

The world of the internet is the same way. Certain brand names become so iconic that most people fail to see when these brands start to be less influential. This is just one area where a good search engine optimization company can be beneficial to the growth of your business.

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SEO Tips And Tricks That No Longer Work. Stop Using Them

Search Engines worked differently a few years back. They were less intelligent, more susceptible to manipulation and could be easily fooled.

Today they are not the same. Search Engines factor in over 2000 variables when giving your page or website a rank.

There are simply some SEO tricks that used to work wonders earlier but can be bad for your present day rankings.

This article explains why you should shed the old methods of SEO and get up to speed with what search engines want.

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The SEO And Visitor Value Of Structured Internal Blog Links

Creating a strong internal linking structure is important for your blog if you want to see a rise in your search engine rankings and at the same time give your visitors an easy way to navigate your blog.

The following article talks about how you can apply simple steps to boost the internal links on your blog without making things difficult.

The navigation of your blog is pretty important when it comes down to creating a strong internal linking structure.

Categorizing your links effectively will help you in more than one way to create internal links that are relevant.

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