May 2019

Crashed MiG-31 was shot down by wingman

Almost exactly two years ago, a Russian Air Force MiG-31 Foxhound supersonic interceptor went down during an exercise over the Telemba proving grounds in Buryatia, a Siberian semi-autonomous Russian republic that borders Mongolia. (Telemba was one of the sites for Vostok, Russia’s giant wargames staged last fall with Chinese and Mongolian troops in attendance.) The incident was described by Russia’s Defense Ministry at the time as a simple mishap: the ...

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F-35s Fully Mission Capable Only 27 Percent of the Time

The US military’s F-35 Lightning II stealth aircraft have a problem with spare parts, and it’s keeping the planes out of the sky, according to a new report by a government watchdog. “F-35 aircraft were unable to fly nearly 30% of the May-November 2018 time period due to spare parts shortages,” according to an April report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The report further notes that during that time, ...

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