October 2019

Russia Pushes MiG-35 To African Nations

Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG intends to make its MiG-35 fourth-plus generation fighter jet available to African nations for purchase. The company on Tuesday announced it will reveal an exportable version of the MiG-35 which it previously said straddles fourth- and fifth-generation capability — during the first-ever Russia-Africa summit this week in Sochi, according to a news release. “The history of military technical cooperation of MiG Corporation with countries of Africa ...

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A German Radar Vendor Says It Tracked the F-35 jet In 2018

In the illustrious history of the F-35 fighter jet, add a pony farm outside Berlin as the place where one company claims the plane’s stealth cover was blown. The story that follows is a snapshot in the cat-and-mouse game between combat aircraft designed to be undetectable by radar — and sensor makers seeking to undo that advantage. In the case of the F-35, the promise of invisibility to radar is ...

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