ELM Radar

The Israeli EL/M-2032 radar, equip MiG-21 Lancer C

Main Features

– Pulse Doppler, all aspect, look-down shoot-down capabilities
– TWT coherent transmitter
– Ultra low sidelobe planar antenna
– Two axes monopulse, guard channel
– Programmable signal processor
– Full software control
– Most advanced architecture, technology and components
– Adaptability and growth potential
– MIL 1553B interface to avionics system
– Modular hardware configuration
– Spare memory space and computation power

Typical Performance

– Detection range of fighter aircraft
– Lookup: 35-55 NM
– Look-down: 30-45 NM

Physical Characteristics

– Weight: ~100 Kg.
– Power: 2-2.5 KVA
– Antenna size adapted to aircraft nose limitations

Air-to-Air operating mode

– Range While Search (RWS)
– Single Target Track (STT)
– Track While Scan (TWS)
– Air Combat Modes (ACM)
– Vertical Scan
– Slewable ACM
– Boresight

Air-to-surface operating mode

– High resolution mapping
– Real Beam Map
– Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS1/2)
– Air-to-Ground Ranging (AGR)
– Sea Surface Search (SEA)
– Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI)
– Terrain Avoidance (TA) (not implemented for Lancer)

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