Kopyo Radar

Kopyo was the first private venture radar by Phazotron. Drawing on technology developed for the Zhuk radar, Phazotron produced Kopyo as a lighter, smaller radar suitable for equipping trainers and light attack aircraft as well as for upgrading older aircraft like the MiG-21. It uses both high PRF and medium PRF modes for optimum detection and tracking at all aspects. Kopyo weighs 120kg, occupies 250dm3, with a 500mm antenna that achieves 29dB gain. Tracking limits of the radar are ±40°. Kopyo has 2 recievers, and transmits with a peak power of 5kw, 1kw average. It uses an MPS data processor, and a TS175 digital computer. Its MTBF is 120 hours. Kopyo has an air-to-air track-while-scan (“SNP”) mode, it tracks 10 targets, and engages 2 simultaneously. The simultaneous engagement capability has been demonstrated. It retains a single target track mode. Search range is 57km headon and 25 – 30 km pursuit, with a tracking range of 45km, against a 3 sq m RCS target. It has vertical scan, automatic HUD scan (+- 14°), optical (pilot selected target on HUD) and helmet close combat modes. Air-to-surface operating modes are comprehensive, something Phazotron only introduced in the current crop of radar designs. There are three mapping modes; low resolution (real beam); medium resolution (Doppler beam sharpening, 10:1); high resolution (synthetic aperture, 100:1). Allows detection of moving ground targets, sea surface search, map freezing and interfaces with the Kh-31A antiship missile for target handoff.

Air-to-air operating mode:

1. Detection range (Ddet), km:

– against free airspace:
head-on >50
in pursuit >30
– against surface background:
head-on >50
in pursuit >25

2. Single target detection and tracking range 0.75 Ddet
3. Track-while-scan with simultaneous engagement of two targets
4. Air-to-air missile targeting and launch zone generation
5. Close air combat in the following modes of radar operation

– vertical
– collimating
– visual, with the helmet-mounted target designator used
– interfacing with the helmet-mounted target designator
– interfacing with the R-27, RVV-AE and R-73E missiles
– radar built-in test

Air-to-surface operating mode:

– mapping:
low resolution (real beam)
medium resolution (Doppler sharpening beam)
high resolution (synthetic aperture)
– interfacing with the Kh-31A antiship missile
– detection of moving ground targets

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