Google Adwords. Goldmine Or Minefield?

Setting up a web page that attracts a steady stream of money, on an ongoing basis, is a dream shared by millions of people world-wide, especially in the present climate of financial hardship and uncertainty.

Thousands of people have done it and achieved freedom from money worries. So what is their secret? How do they get a steady stream of visitors to their website and how do they persuade them to click the “Buy Now” button? Probably the two most popular approaches are Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation.

Google Adwords carries millions of small ads every day, for every conceivable product or subject imaginable. So it must be the way to go, right? Sure, many people are making a good living from Adwords and a few are make a fortune. But, if you’ve tried it, then you’ll know it ain’t easy.

This is one of the most competitive (and dirty) markets around. First, you have to aquire a detailed knowledge of how this thing works, then you have to spend time constantly testing and tweaking your ads and you have to be prepared to spend money before you find the right keywords and the most effective ads. You can set a daily limit to your spending but just twenty dollars a day will mop up 600 bucks in the first month.

Most popular keywords cost anywhere from 50 cents to 2 or 3 dollars per click, so twenty dollars won’t buy many clicks and, at a click-through rate of two or three percent, you will not get many visitors per day. There are two further obstacles (or dangers) to being successful with an Adwords campaign.

There are only about eight slots for ads on each page of Google, so the competition for these slots, particularly on the first page of results, is very fierce and often very sneaky. Each of the eight “tenants” of those valuable places on Page 1 are striving to get to position one, which, on average, gets over 70% of the traffic on that page and the only way to do that is to push the others down. All the advertisers on Page 2 are similarly striving to get to Page 1.

It is now possible to buy software that will allow you to spy on details of competitors’ campaigns and to see what keywords they are using and even what they are paying for each keyword, so you can potentially bid slightly higher and gain a higher position. If you manage to get a respectable position on Page 1 or 2, you can bet that some of your competition will be using these tricks against you. Even if you have gained a comfortable position on Page 1 of Google, it is a constant struggle to maintain that position.

There is an alternative approach to running a successful Google Adwords campaign. You can employ a specialist team of experts, with the experience and the time to do the whole thing for you. Unfortunately, you need to be in a position to spend a few thousand dollars a month to get them interested. That’s why I say that Google Adwords may be one of the most difficult ways to make money on line, certainly for a newcomer with little money to risk.

So how about Option Two? Search Engine Optimisation. Surely this is the ultimate solution!

You learn how to design and build a web page which meets all Google’s guidelines (and I’ll tell you what they are) and then you get on Page One, with a page which costs nothing to be there and wait for the money to roll in. How cool is that?

This is all you need to do. Find a suitable keyword phrase (preferably 4 or 5 phrases) which gets at least 100 searches a day and which does not have many heavy hitters in the competition. 1,000 searches a day is obviously much better but is likely to have strong, well-established competition.

Then you need to get a domain name which incorporates the main keyword or phrase and build your web page so that it includes the keywords in the Title of the page; in the Description of the page; in the URL of the page; in the Headline of the page and in the Anchor Text of all links to other websites. That’s not too difficult, is it?

Then, to convince Google that yours is an “Authority” site, you need to get multiple links to your page, from other related sites, dealing with the same subject, whether it is Health, or Family, or whatever. The more important these other sites are, the more weight Google gives to these links. I can tell you, getting these links is hard work.

Here’s a real example. My website is on Page One of Google, for the phrase “Stop Arthritis Pain”, out of 2.1 million results. Last time I looked, it was at position 6, on Page One, and has been there for months. The same search phrase is on Page One of Yahoo (at position 2), out of 21.7 million results. Impressive eh?

I’ll bet you’re thinking “that page must be pulling in a ton of money”. Well, it isn’t. The reason is, that phrase only gets about 20 visitors a day, so it pulls in a few dollars a day but nothing to brag about. Think about those other twenty million pages, who are getting even less traffic than those on page one.

So, if you can get onto Page One of the big search engines, you may make a lot of money but 99.9% of the pages up there are having no impact at all, in terms of making money for their owners. In many cases, it’s a lot of time and effort for no reward.

Now, there is a Third Way, which has been used as a traditional sales approach for decades. Make money by giving stuff away for FREE! We’ve all heard of BOGOF – “Buy One, Get One Fee!” How about, “Get this valuable stuff, without buying anything”? Many internet marketers, smarter than I, claim to be making excellent earnings with this method and without the aid of Google Adwords or the Search Engines.

I quote a real guru here (and it’s certainly not me) –

“There is no more powerful way to sell your product than by ‘preselling’ it with free and useful information, typically with a free ebook.”

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Ken Charles