5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Effect Your Home Internet Business

When you’re running a home internet business you have to ensure that you stay up to date with current online marketing trends. Let’s take a look at 5 online marketing trends that are happening right now.

1. The Growth Of Mobile.

One of the most notable new online marketing trends is that more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. In fact, 25% of internet users only access the internet via a mobile device. In April 2015 Google changed their search algorithm and if your website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’ you can expect your search engine rankings, and ultimately your web traffic, to take a hit. Websites that are not ‘mobile friendly’ will no longer show up in Google searches made via mobile phones. 

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When Your Email Account Gets Hacked, Whose Fault Is It?

Most of us have got our email accounts or social networking accounts hacked at some point of time.

But what was the real reason for this? Was it our fault? Could we have prevented these intrusions?

Till we don’t try and investigate, we will never know and will never be able to correct it if it happens in future.

This article discusses the possible causes of your email account being compromised and how you could prevent this.

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3 Benefits Social Holds For ANY Business

“It’s essential that you have a clear idea of why you’re using social media. Most business owners haven’t clearly defined why they are using it or what it will accomplish for them.” 
– Nancy Marmolejo, National Association of Sales Professionals

Common wisdom states that your business needs to be on social.

But why?

What can social do for your business that traditional advertising and search engine traffic cannot?

Broadly speaking, there are three benefits that social media holds for any business.

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Has Your Website Been Copied? Find Out Quickly

No matter how much you protect your website content, if it is visible to an end user, it can be copied. Webmaster go to various lengths to protect their content.

Warning banners and copy protect software can do little to stop the plagiarizers from getting your content and claiming it to be their own.

However, you can detect and prosecute the offenders using a couple of simple online tools.

This article helps you to find out if your web content has been copied, using simple and easy to use tools and techniques. 

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What To Do When Your Provider Refuses To Give You Domain Control

Your Domain Name is your business or your personal intellectual property. The Domain Name gives you certain exclusive rights which only you as a domain owner have the privilege of exploiting or using.

If your rights are taken away or you are deprived of controlling your domain name’s settings and configuration and put it to commercial use, then your exclusive rights have been taken away from you and you have a right to enforce them.

This article deals with what you should do when your domain name provider refuses to give you control of your domain name or ignores your requests for control.

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